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Not good on toast.
I've got the joggins. I knew I shouldn't have eaten that curry.
by Sephraem December 16, 2004
44 5
American version: Joggins(noun) diarrhea.
Don't eat at that restaurant, last time I ate there, I had joggins all night.
by Rach December 18, 2004
26 11
diarrhea, baby! used like the shits or the runs, or as a verb:
oh dear, I've got the joggins!

I just joggins'd all over the place!
by girlfriend of Rasheem December 18, 2004
18 7
joking around; kidding someone
usually followed by a random amount of miles
Chris: I made out with your girlfriend last night.
Ryan: Are you joggin 4 miles?
by bing chach December 01, 2010
2 4