the act of smoking pot. useful in non-herb friendly situations.
Hey, after church, would you like to go jogging?
by Cooter Brown October 29, 2002
An akward situation where a man might offer another man oral sex, for no apparent reason.
I've been a bit shy to ask you, but do you think you would like to go jogging?
by Young Asian Victim August 12, 2005
A male sport where balls go back and forth.
"Jim just went jogging. You should have seen those balls going back and forth!"
by Jo Mammmmmmi March 06, 2003
Smoking Marijuana while driving right before work.
"Drew and David went jogging for a while, but David had to be at work by 3:00."
by earthschild420 September 25, 2004
Another word for having sex
1- Tonight I'm gong for a long jog
2- Sorry I'm late, I was jogging until 4 am
by avidejogger November 23, 2008

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