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Jof is a nicknbame used towards someone of the name of Jon, Jonathan, John or Johnathan.
"This is Jonathan or Jof
by jof (hahaha) January 03, 2005
Common acronym for "jiz on face," meaning to ejaculate (jiz) on one's face. No one has EVER described it as being a bad idea.
Guy: Man, I jof-ed her bigtime last night. Hell, it was even her idea!
Other Guy: Really??
Guy: No.
by Scrotex December 01, 2004
Like a jif, only longer. Approximately 26.2 minutes. A marathon of minutes.
Earl: I have to shower and poop, brb in a jof
Depot: a full jof or a half jof?
Earl: full jof
by therearegonats October 15, 2007

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