Formally it is of French origin, and its meaning is "Jehovah is God".

A more up-to-date definition would be that of a kind-hearted and good friend. Her heart is bigger than most. She loves life and is a devoted companion and friend. There is nothing she wouldn't do for those she loves. She has a great sense of humor and her eyes sparkle when she laughs. To have a Joelle in your life is to be blessed!
I wish everyone was like Joelle.
by hotmammas February 03, 2010
Joelle is a kind, caring and loving person. She loves being with friends and family and living life to the fullest. Shes amazingly pretty, cute, and beautiful. Shes honest and there to help you when needed. She acts as a guardian angel to those whom she loves and is really close to. Shes funny and great to talk to. Shes someone who will always have you smiling. Shes an all-around great person and everything anyone could ask for. Anybody is lucky to have a Joelle in their life.
Joelle is my best friend in the whole world! Shes always there for me and I'm always there for her.

I wish there were more Joelle's in the world.
by Chester123 February 28, 2010
Joelle.. well she LOVEs smiling.
She is a funny, somehow annoying (in a good way) and loving person. She loves being with friends and family and living life to the fullest. She is very friendly (to certain people) and hyper at certain days. She always look at the bright side in life. Shes pretty, cute, and beautiful. She sometimes get distracted very easily. She likes telling stories and making people laugh. Sometimes she exaggerate a lot but it is still fun to have her around. Joelle is a great person to tell your problems to because she is very understanding and she will always help you with your problems. Shes someone who will always have you smiling.
Joelle is a really nice girl when you start to know her better
by whatithink October 10, 2011
A girl thats always there for you. Slightly nerdy but such a sweatheart. Can sometimes have achne but in your head your like thank god because if they didnt they'd be the msot gorgous girl alive. Did i mention they are exctremley tall?
Do you see that girl over there? Shes so pretty!
Yeah i know: thats a Joelle.
by itgirl1232 September 22, 2010
A very weird, awkward and lonely girl. Normally Canadian, half moose, half human.
Hey, did you go hunting last year?

Yeah. We went moose hunting, Shot Joelle Instead.
by iiTryHardz May 08, 2016
n. A woman(usually a doctor) who PWNs n00bs on a regular basis.

v. to pwn n00bs
Girl: Where were u last nite??
Boy: Pwning n00bs with Joelle.

Girl: THAT science teacher?? Were over.
by hipstereggthrower90001 January 08, 2012
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