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A Joeli is a very beautiful intelligent girl. She is a very sweat girl and has a lot of friends. Anyone would be so luck to have a Joeli.

A Joeli can get very aggressive so don't piss her off! She is very talented and has a good taste in fashion. You won't wont to miss out on a Joeli they are the best thing you would ever get.

Joelis attracts all the boys.

Joelis are extremely funny and can make anyone laugh.
Omg look at all the boys round that girl.

She must be a Joeli
by Joeli March 30, 2015
a girl with a really funny name, often look/walks like a penguin/caveman. her head is often oddly shaped kinda of pear like. joelis have brown hair and hazel eyes with big boobs and a black girl ass. joeli often enjoy getting on people nerves and screaming for no reason.
man #1 - look at that thing over there waddling like a penguin.

man #2 - it must be a joeli !
by joelisbestfriend October 05, 2009

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