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1. a private part of the body which is usually hidden from the general public which cannot be reached

2. when seen usual causes embarrassment

originates from

Jolts On Erecting Limbs
b1: wow dude ur joel is showing
b2: o sorry

p1: man i got such an itchy joel
by honeyfactory June 23, 2009
54 187
to be joeled (v): to have the shittiest luck possible; to get owned by anything and everything (especially in moscow); joelin (adj); joel (n)
i totally got joeled jumping off that fence and breaking both feet

i almost got joeled jumping out that window and breaking my back

when the russian music teacher rips you a new asshole for not being able to say "b" right....you got joeled

getting cut in line for a shower when you smell like nuts (suck a dick)

not being able to read russian and putting your clothes in the washer so they get drenched and getting yelled at by snaggletooth babitchka
by joel's fan club May 29, 2009
46 179
a joel is someone who never goes anywhere, usually a druggy, who stays at home or gets fucked up and just sits there doing nothing. he usually has done so much drugs he isnt comfortable with his appearance and doesnt go anywhere. hes anti-social.
hey dude lets go get a drink at that new club there i bet theres tons of pussy there just waiting to get pounded.

nah man im gonna stay home tonight and drink here.

stay home tonight, you mean every night, you never fucking come anywhere, you just sit inside and snort coke and smoke cigarettes all night, your such a joel.
by clarke132usa March 14, 2010
42 177