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A term for a very sexy, tall dude. To be a Joel is to be extremely cute and extremely afraid of girls. Also, a Joel is usually a musician and has an amazing voice. If you are a girl and you met a Joel, dump your boyfriend and start dating the Joel.
Girl 1: Who is that hot dude over there?
Girl 2: That is Joel
by Poison Energy October 28, 2013
Joel is derived from the ancient Hebrew word Joeltholeum which means he who tames the lemurs. A Joel is known for his psychic abilities which allows him to mind meld with certain birds of pray. A Joel is also known for his mental abilities allowing him to slowly win the hearts and minds of the people of New Brunswick. Joel's are lesser seen in their natural habitat of Rome. When in Rome make sure you do what a Joel would do. Joel's have incredible strength within their nipples and have been know to use them for combat. They are highly skilled in the dark arts and are usually seen in positions of extreme power such as camp counsellors and life coach's. They have been known to attack at random on the third sunday of a leap year. This is their feeding times and can only sustain themselves on the tears of virgins. In their natural habitat they are dangerous killing machines able to swallow your soul as the run at 63.2mph. Beware the Joel unless they are a good friend. They are loyal to all of their good friends but will randomly take those they dont and entrap them within magical paintings. Joel's are the greatest thing in the world, give them a compliment as soon as you meet, but not about their elbows. Find a Joel and sware allegiance as soon as possible, or the Scott's, Jeff's and Mike's have already won.
I aspire to be great yet kill indescriminent, someday ill be a Joel
by Iamwebster1307 March 23, 2014
someone with ridiculously long legs.
the masculine version of joelle.
joel is 6'7" and he's more than half leg!!!
by leglover<3 May 10, 2010
Joels are absolutely wonderful. They are helpful and sweet, always willing to brighten your day. They are excellent at cuddles and totally adorable. They are funny and strange in a delightful way. If a girl ever finds herself in a relationship with a Joel she should hold on! Joels are unique and amazing.
Joel: My name is Joel.
Girl: Will you marry me?
by LoveJoel April 13, 2011
A short chubby guy who likes to whack off to gorilla porn while playing fantasy football
"Gee, Joel is taking an awful long time to make his draft pick"?... "Yeah, he's probably watching the national geographic porn station again!!" .. " that's Joel for you" .
by Hags64 August 08, 2014
Joels is a widely accepted term meaning another form of "Sexual Fantasy".
You should have seen my Joels last night man, they were so hot! All for Kirby!
by Clayism January 07, 2008
A gay person that likes to call other people gay just for fun
Joel=gay fag
by fuckyoujoel January 30, 2014