Joels is a widely accepted term meaning another form of "Sexual Fantasy".
You should have seen my Joels last night man, they were so hot! All for Kirby!
by Clayism January 07, 2008
A short chubby guy who likes to whack off to gorilla porn while playing fantasy football
"Gee, Joel is taking an awful long time to make his draft pick"?... "Yeah, he's probably watching the national geographic porn station again!!" .. " that's Joel for you" .
by Hags64 August 08, 2014
Unlike what most people think a Joel is, he is usually a man of brown color and in the Russian mob. Joel in general is synonomyous with mobster. Joel usually hates the feds and in the golden days a Joel would bootleg drugs but mainly alcohol and robbed banks. A Joel would have massive gunfights and drive the more gangster of vehicles. While Joel may be a gangster he is still an iron chef of pounding vags. Joel in essence is the God of all gangsters and will fuck everyones face.
To be a Joel is like fucking 500 women at once, a Joel is a blessing from the lord himself and not gay.
by A Noble G September 08, 2010
Biggest retard ever. When you meet him, you might want to run away.
Gosh! What a Joel!
by Hello159 December 24, 2013
A gay person that likes to call other people gay just for fun
Joel=gay fag
by fuckyoujoel January 30, 2014
A dick puncher.
You just got Joel'd between legs, bitch!
by JoelKicker December 01, 2011
Used to describe any asshole or idiot you come across. The biggest scum bag of anyone's life. The guy you went to high school with who dropped out and seemingly disappeared until you see him walking down the road out of the blue years later seemingly adding no worth to society. The asshole at a party or at work. The guy always giving you a hard time. The guy driving the broke down car slowly in the fast lane. When your late to work. These people are all Joels!!
Asshole friend giving you a hard time
"Hey quit being a Joel! man"
The guy at work or a party who is an ass
"Man that guy Steve is such a Joel bro"
Late to work in traffic
"Man this fucking Joel needs to get out my way!!"
When you see the friend who never calls you back
"Whats up JOEL thanks for calling me back asshole"
by Galen From VA September 30, 2012

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