One who is a slut or whore
you're such a joel
by Alex ford May 26, 2016
Usually a professional Deep-Dicker
"I've never had another man bring me to a climax as effectively as a nice, strong Joel"
by Jules Winnififield May 05, 2016
A Joel is very interesting, intelligent, and caring, yet not always trustworthy and a bit dangerous. You will find he is very good looking, and uses that to persuade and manipulate you. You will easily be intrigued by the things that Joel will say or do. He has a good sense of humor and likes to have fun, but can be a bit stupid at times. Joel is very charismatic as well as romantic; your first impression of Joel will include you recognizing his commitment, loyalty, and selflessness, but somewhere you will find that he is quite the opposite at times. From a friendly perspective, Joel is a cool guy. From a romantic perspective, Joel is the kind of guy that will pretend to like you, but then break your heart very early in the relationship. He is a lame-ass fuckboy who will end the relationship over a text. You might find that Joel doesn't really do relationships, unless he really, genuinely cares for the other person involved. Do not trust Joel. He cares only about sex -- so much that he will travel long distances just to get it. If he can't get the sex he travelled 5.5 hours for, he will break up with you. Be careful with a Joel. You can have fun playing with him like a board game with small game pieces, but do not let the small-pieced board game play you.
"Damn, Joel is looking so good today. What a piece of eye candy."

"Yeah... too bad he's a fuck-ass though."
by javajamm113 June 16, 2016
A common name used for a cheating liar who often has more than one girl and hates having his phone checked
Hey why is Joel cheating?
Because he's Joel
by Deborareyes June 29, 2016
An thick skilled monkey who was previously known to be Legendary but has recently come down with the terminal illness known as "Fucking Retardation"
See what Joel posted today
by Cmefry-666 June 26, 2016
Typically a kid thats kool and good at sports but has a little weiner and 1 testicle.
hey joel good game out there way to score the winning touchdown

Joel: yeah but i think i broke my only testicle.
by corey johnson jr. May 15, 2016
A Joel is a creature shrouded in mystery.

A Joel is a person with a very complex personality and is complicated to understand.

You will never know when a Joel is being genuine or fake.

A Joel is very popular, and is every guy's bro for some reason.

You will be so sure that a Joel is a fuckboy, because he is such a flirt, and an asshat, and a douche; just downright annoying.

But then you will see the Joel the next day and he will be all aloof, with his hood pulled up, not talking with anyone.

When you look a Joel in the eyes you will see a flicker of shadows. You will know a Joel is fighting his inner demons.

It is best to avoid a Joel at all costs; distance yourself, but stay on his good side. A Joel will tell you that you can trust him, but you shouldn't, because he SEEMS like he MIGHT be the kind of guy who will talk shit about you behind your back. Becoming personally involved with a Joel will drain you emotionally, and will turn your life upside down.

Don't let a Joel take advantage of you. Don't let a Joel's charisma sway you. You will become obligated to a Joel, and the next thing you know, you have given up your soul to one.

Don't try to figure a Joel out. He won't let you.
Girlfriend: God, that guy is such a fuckboy. He is always flirting with me.

Boyfriend: I heard he tried to commit suicide last week.

Girlfriend: Oh my gosh, really? Sounds like a Joel to me.
by ninjagriff January 20, 2016
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