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joel is a very loving friend, and youll always know you can trust him, joel is quite shy but when you get to know him he is a great laugh, very flirty and can be very romantic
awwh your such a joel
by lovelybubbles May 02, 2011
Someone who is an amazing friend but also a great friend with benefits.

Enjoys late night drunk hookups.
Has wandering hands.

If you're friends with a Joel, you're very lucky.
You're about to pass out drunk when you realise a joel is in your pants.
by benefitial ben January 24, 2011
Joel's are always very passionate people, they are the most caring of people. Joel's are very sexy and mysterious, they have a cool sense of style and are very smart! Joel's seem to be very funny people, and can always make you laugh. Joel's make the best boyfriends because when they love someone or something they poor out their heart and soul into them/it. Joel's can be stubborn though, making it hard for them to see other side's of the situation. But all in all, Joel's are a very special find and anyone that knows them is very lucky to be part of their life
girl: joel is such an incredible person
friend: i know, i wish there were more joel's in the world
by cheekybubba April 25, 2011
a badass mofo who plays the guitar with great skill, who gets many ladies with all his coolness.
guy 1: dude were you at that concert last night?
guy 2: yeah, Joel was amazing!
by Synyster Buckslashrix April 02, 2011
A boys name often given to a boy with a large penis. Also given to men that are considered by many as 'Gods of rugby league'
Girl 1: That guy is a god of rugby league
Girl 2: He's got a big penis too
Girl 3: Yer he's a Joel
by megan fox 3793 April 11, 2011
An amazing person. Loved very much.
I love Joel, he is amazing.
by Angelinaxoxo March 18, 2013
Verb - To pirate or steal intellectual property. Also to fool China-farmers with fake WOW accounts.
"I heard their new CD is really good! I'm broke, though, so I'll just Joel it."
by D-rock_anonymous April 24, 2009