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One who is fond of being athletic.
Bubba is a jockular fellow who pops steroids like M&M's and must not be angered at all costs.
by harry flashman July 15, 2003
adj.; the moronic state of being a prototypical jock; representing the asinine and often morally detestable characteristics associated with jocks
Brad the running back is such a jockular douche when he throws the football at the Down Syndrome water boy's head for laughs.
by Beedubbleya February 26, 2015
Word created by iphone changing words to create a new word. Jockular is when something is off the chain, or awesome, fantastic. 2. It's all good
I had a freaking jockular time last night. 2. It's all jockular!
by Melanie Felony July 22, 2011
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