a alternative term for a Scotsman. A Scottish person, the generally have ginger hair or pubes, have an alcohol problem, have a very fatty diet, and speak and incomprehendable dialect
Shut up you fucking jockstrap bastard
by jockstrap74 February 28, 2011
(n.) The female equivalent to the word douchebag.

A pompous, loud, arrogant female; lacking in any real substance or ability to communicate above a superficial level. Often found strapped to the arm of an athlete.
I went to a frat party last night, thrown by a bunch of douchebags. Of course, they invited all the jockstraps from the sorority house.
by M.H.D. April 04, 2007
Endearing pet name for a wife or girlfriend who is very supportive and helpful.
#1: "Wow! You got my things ready for work! Thank you jockstrap!"
#2:"Where did I put that bill?... maybe jockstrap knows."
by #1 Jockstrap October 15, 2008
Popular tribal tattoo around the bicep.
Chris got a fuckin jock strap.
by Casey G. April 16, 2007
1.) the female equivalent of douche bag
2.) a word that bridges the gap between Bitch and C U Next Tuesday.
That girl had way too much to drink, and she acted like a total jock strap all night.

What's her name? Oh yeah, she's kinda strappy, right?

Fuck you, you jock strap.
by Lefter Gasping February 01, 2008
the device a man puts around his groin to protect it
shut up you gay ass mofo
by shut up February 28, 2003
an annoying jock kid with the sense that he's the greatest
Hey shut the fuck up jock strap!
by henley512 August 06, 2007

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