Jock Starp, often meaning complete idiot!
Man, look at that Jock Strap trying to hit on those chicks!
by Mr. Ownage April 06, 2004
a jock. you know one of thise stupid dudes that play football in high school and date whores... ughm i mean cheerleaders.
that jockstrap was trying to look cool in front of his girlfriend by calling the skin head a fag. big mistake. afterwards, the skin curb stompped him and killed him, then fucked his girfriend and killed her too.
by oifoundedoi August 13, 2005
Those straight boys who you know like cock
"What? Jakes not gay he's dating Nina."
"Sure he's not, I swear that guys such a fucking jockstrap."
by Hentaiqueen September 25, 2015
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