To vy for, try and take
"Nathan was the team's star player, but when Lucas arrived he began to think Lucas was jocking for his place as point-guard."

"Sue was jocking for a turn on the computer, and so were both her brothers - they always fought over it."
by .Louieeee May 06, 2009
To hate on a person by constantly checking their account and posting stupid shit on it.
True dat...but why would 12 year old girls be jocking my formspring and asking questions? That's odd
by twertyto November 01, 2010
A sexual act between two gay men.
Ben: Did you hear about Chris and Tom?
Clare: Yup. They were having some jocking fun last night
by quivaaidermoi March 11, 2011
Jocking is the act of openly enjoying being in the presence of disabled people.
I'm seriously jocking being around these less agile people.
by TommoGarcia May 01, 2010
Hyping up a band or a movie that is underground until it gets so big that people start despising it. The term originates from how disc jockeys promote new bands into the mainstream, much to the chagrin of the original fans.
Bob: Donnie Darko is so awesome!

John: It was decent until everyone started jocking it!
by madmaxxx February 15, 2005
"To be on someone's jock". Trying to hook up with them.

Sarcastic: Kissing someon's ass.
What happened with that chick the other night? She was jocking you pretty hard.

I can't stand that kiss ass. He's always jocking people more popular than him.
by Greg April 01, 2005
Trinidad slang: "jockin" is another term for jacking off
dat boy doh hav no life other than watchin blues and jocking
by marina a. August 25, 2007

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