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A website where the user is allowed to create a page, purposely used to accept questions by any anonymous person. Many pussy-ass bitches who are too afraid to ask these questions in real life use formspring to ask them in fear of the person. These pussy-ass bitches feel safety even after asking these questions, trusting formspring to save their identity, thus saving their lives.
"Where can I find a pussy-ass bitch?"

"Go to formspring!"
by yeahbebes January 28, 2010
the newest form of procrastination sweeping popular culture
oh shit dude i forgot to click 'ask anonymously' when i submitted 'you are soo fineeee' on his formspring!
by hothotshawty February 04, 2010
Website for cowards who are afraid to say stuff to people face to face so they find comfort in talking crap behind the anonymity the site provides.
Dude1: Man I'm so tired of these punk asses talking crap on formspring, they need to grow some balls and say shit to my face!

Dude2: Thats why I don't have one
by Don't get any better than this April 03, 2010
A formspring is a truth box where you anonymously share secrets with friends on Tumblr, Facebook, etc.
Shoot some questions to my formspring and I'll answer back.
by RictorM November 25, 2009
Formspring, a tool used by the youth who have low self esteem and live their lives via the internet to create mad amounts of ill drama. Formspring uses an anonymous message system that is perfect for luring in the "haters". the haters then create drama by not "talking shit to my face" and the formspring user often times goes along with it in an attempt to get other non hater users to compliment them, giving the formspring user a false sense of acceptance. lies.
Anonymous 1: Wow so gay and stuff, shit fag
Formspringer:I know, i suck:
Anonymous 2: Hey girl cheer up U DA BESTTT
Formspringer: Lol yeah, thanks for teh support
by Mystery Kid April 06, 2010
A fad that is old already. It lets you ask questions anonymously. Everyone has it. Too many people. It burnt out before it even rose high.
"Hey formspring me!"

"Ew no."
by lotn January 06, 2010
a formspring is a personal website where one can ask others questions, be it anonymous or not. TCUB (thecomeupboard) is very fond of trolling formsprings and asking very rude questions and demanding n00dz.
Girl1: ugh who the hell is TCUB? they just asked me on my formspring if i took hard black cock in the ass?!?

Girl2: ughhh idk but theyre sooo annoying. i checked my formspring this morning and got "TCUB DEMANDS N00DZ" and "TITS OR GTFO" people are rude.
by TCUBALLDAY February 24, 2010
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