A nagging swollen scrotal irritation caused by over-scratching your nut-sack.
Oh Yeah!, Well I've got 'Jock Itch' honey, what is your point?
by Richie January 14, 2004
Top Definition
A bad itching fungus in a man's inner thighs, scrotum, or general balls area. Often caused by not showering, using dirty towels, wearing dirty underwear, or sweating a lot.
Dude I got the worst jock itch
by aa23f December 26, 2004
1. Tinea cruris, or ringworm of the groin area. Tinea is a fungus or yeast-like organism that is normally found on skin but overgrows into an infection when there is a weakened state or unbalance. Tinea can also infect the feet (athlete's foot, tinea pedis), the body, or the scalp (ringworm, not a worm at all, given the name from the spreading of the infection that makes a sort of round ring-like red mark on the margins of the infected area.)

Jock itch was said by Bill Cosby to be "better than a good woman", referring to the utter relief found by uninterrupted scratching to relieve the nasty itch.

2. The yearning to be an athlete by a physically unremarkable nerdy kid.
Beauregard kept his wife Fanny up all night with his incessant scratching of his scrotum. Finally, tired of the bed shaking, she tossed him out with the hounds, saying if he wanted to scratch his privates, he could do it in company that appreciated such activities. Beauregard retorted that she was remarkably unsympathetic about his jock itch and reminded her how he was completely sensitive to her situation when she had a yeast infection. Beauregard is getting used to sleeping permanently in the dog house.
#disease #pestilence #comedy #tragedy #sex
by Luigi the ORIGINAL December 29, 2005
Jock itch is a medical condition that occurs around the testicals and weiner. Jock itch is typically found in males, as males have penises and girls have vaginas(See Great White Sharks).

The origin of the itch occurs as sweat, oils, and dirt are rubbed between the junk and the thigh. This forms "Duck Butter." Duck Butter, when at the proper temperature, is feasted upon by fungus. As we know, fungus grows in dark, moist, and temperate conditions. As this fungus grows, the leaves and branches tickle the the areas around ones genitals and creates Jock Itch.
A three-month loaf of bread looks like Jock Itch.
#fungus #std's #cock itch #genital problems #scary
by Lost Almost August 16, 2010
a rash in the crotch and inner thighs, caused by poor hygiene and sweat
by Da Nastee One October 30, 2003
1. An uncomfortable fungal infection on the genitalia caused by not washing or wearing your jockstrap too long. Common among sports players.

2. A clever insult used to describe an annoying person, like a wicked itch on your nads.
"Tom was being so annoying last night. You know the type, he's a total jock itch!"

"You're a Jock itch!"

"My computer is slow. It's being a jock itch!"
#jockitch #insult #std #annoying #itch #irritating #jock
by G00DDAYSUNSHlNE November 18, 2008
A condition in which a man's scrotum (i.e. balls) itch incessantly as he desperately tries to scratch in some subtle but effective way.
Sorry, dear, but I got jock itch that won't quit
by DonH October 07, 2003
The sudden urge, often brought on by something on TV or some other sight to masturbate.
Dude, that picture of Amanda Fox in a bikini brought on some serious jock itch last night!
#wang #crotch #junk #sexy #pathetic
by Pwnography February 05, 2010
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