When your kid prevents you from getting a workout
When you put your baby down at 7 pm and she cries uncontrollably when you leave the house to work out until your spouse calls for you to return.

"honey' you have been jock blocked. Too many tears you must come home"
by Lauraisjane February 02, 2013
Top Definition
When someone who is a jock or anywhere near sporty gets in your way.

guy 1: I was walking down the road the other day and some rugby player totally stopped in front me.

guy 2: Dude, you got Jock Blocked!
by xoTomTomxo January 30, 2009
the act of stopping douchebag jocks from messing up a nerdy friend's move on a girl.
*after nerdy friend approaches girl and douchebag jocks are coming*
You: "Hey assholes! I'm a midget on a tricycle!"

Douchebag jocks: "Oh man let's go!"
Other friend: "You sure jockblocked Jimmy real good bro."
by Dane and Lylan October 29, 2011
(v.) The act of ruining a jock's chances with an attractive lady. Similar to a cock block, but perpotrated by a nerd/geek/social outcast.
A: Dude, that quarterback totally crashed and burned with that cheerleader.

B: Yeah, Derek from Trig jock blocked him. Hacked his Facebook account and posted that homeboy's 'chalmydia subsided'.

A: Epic win for Derek.
by The Observationist March 31, 2011
when some tool with shit for brains and huge muscles steals your girl.
that asshole in the tapout shirt just jock blocked the fuck out of me.
by snitchDOOM February 26, 2008
when two or more females and at least one male are saying goodnight and the situation occurs where one female makes the other say goodnight before her to prevent the first girl being alone with male.
'i wanted to kiss Mike back there and you like, totally jock-blocked me!'
by bea June 30, 2003
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