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to go 2 jail. bein locked up ya herd me
Yeah I caught a joce, but that just was my wake up call
-Soulja Slim-
by Real nigga everyday 365 May 02, 2008
68 48
a venereal disease that gives you a burning sensation
I got a pain in my dick. I think I got a Jocé.

I went overseas and I hooked up with a prostitute and I think I got a Jocé.
by moosepower91 April 10, 2011
4 8
A person that has an obsession with people they find over the internet and tries to pretend to marry and/or have sexual relationships with them. They are known to be whores with mile-wide cyber vaginas. They also have an extremely low iq. They consider online relationships the same as real life relationships
Joce: Dude I'm telling you, getting pregnant online is exactly the same as getting pregnant in real life.

person 2: Except you don't get a tv show and you don't get any real responsibilities.
by klnsdkjfnlwijnfklnfljksnnndndn December 21, 2010
26 45