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(Scottish usage) A poo poo. Also spelt jobbie. plural is jobbies.
Ahm off tae the toilet tae dae a joby.
by Gav April 13, 2004
Someone who is beautiful, funny, kind, intelligent...well, the list can go on and on.
My name is Joby.
by Joby February 07, 2004
verb. A straight man goes joby when he flirts with a gay man.
I was shocked when Tammy's boyfriend went joby on my man and started talking sex, like he wanted it or something.
by Mr. Jensen May 12, 2008
The biggest, ugliest, pickle sucking man-whore on the face of the earth!
That guy is a total Joby, he screwed his ho and her Mom in the same day!!
by arizonacacti March 11, 2005
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