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An interesting object/person which looks pleasant in any situation.
Rose 'Look at that nice jobi'
Timmy 'Wow, that is one fine looking jobi right there'.
by rawry101 February 24, 2012
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Jobi means penis. Can be used to describe both a flaccid or an erect penis.
Pronounciation: Joe-bee

Graham: I have a jobi in my pants.
Robbie: Me too.
Graham: My jobi has foreskin.
Robbie: Mine only has oneskin, but I have 3 balls.
by mr-rob-i-am-awesome June 12, 2009
1.Marked by or inspring
3.Dearly loved by all
4.Suitable,useful or
desirable<the best producer>
6.Warm Hearted, friendly,generous in nature-
Wow your such a Jobis....
by Mrs.Wade February 11, 2010

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