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The dance like moves performed by someone when they are searching themselves for their eyeglasses that maybe on their head, in their pocket, the back of their neck or elsewhere. The dance is primarily done with one's hands and arms closely resembling the dance moves made famous in the mid 90's by the music video "the Macarena".
Joe did the eyeglass Macarena for several minutes before he realized that his eyeglasses were on top of his head.
by zenofile March 27, 2009
An internet phishing scam specifically targeted at job seekers. Fake jobs are posted on job boards where job seekers are only too interested to divulge personal information. This personal information is used for telemarketing, collecting personal passwords and in the most advanced schemes, identity theft.
The job posting on the internet seemed too good to be true and on further investigation, it turned out they were job phishing and I almost fell for it.
by zenofile April 21, 2009
The stuffed animal (or blanket) that a young child grows deeply attached to. In many cases the child cannot go to sleep without their wobee or is very upset if they lose their wobee.
Little John's wobee is his stuffed bear. He carries it everywhere with him and won't go to sleep without it.
by zenofile June 06, 2009
The ability of a job seeker to see one's self in the job or career they want, rather than reflect on their past jobs and past career. To see one's future self.
Joe was an accountant and an office manager in his past jobs, but his vision forward is, finanial analyst.
by zenofile March 27, 2009
A pragmatic (or practical) strategy.
The new strategy would work fine if we could double our workforce and implement artificial intelligence in our computer systems. We need a to bring the strategy back to a practical approach, something stratactical.
by zenofile June 23, 2009
A type of internet phishing scheme where companies or individuals post non-existing jobs in order to collect names for direct marketing, mailing lists or other sales processes. This is a process also used by unethical HR (human resource) managers and recruiters to collect resumes to meet performance requirements. The resumes will never be used or referenced since no job actually exists.
1. John sent in his resume for a new posting at ABC Company for a manager position. He realized he had been jobbed when he got an email response asking him to sign up for a paid subscription service.

2. Mary sent in her resume to ABC Supplies and got jobbed. The HR director at ABC Supplies is just trying to collect resumes. They don't have any openings.
by zenofile April 08, 2009
pronunciation: no-mee

The people in our lives that are not quite friends and yet they are more than acquaintances. These are interesting people you meet through work, social events or your children's school. You feel uncomfortable calling them an acquaintance and yet, they are not friends.
John and I became nomees while working on the school fund raiser for the past two years.

This will be one of my biggest parties because I am inviting everyone: my friends, family, nomees and acquaintances.
by zenofile April 13, 2009

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