-just kidding
-What people use to say crap about you to you in your face and mean it but not be a complete jerk directly to you, but still are.

FYI: 75% of the time people say JK they aren't...
(Football Team's record is 0-10)
Player: You are the freaking worst QB I have ever seen!! JK!
QB: ..... ..lets see you do it......
by David Rivera May 21, 2006
Are you jk?
by Janonos February 19, 2011
In some fonts, most notably in Facebook chat, it resembles an incredibly infuriated man of oriental descent.
Person 1: Did you see that new anime?

Person 2: Dude, that guy with the hair was totally JK.
by Alex Atlantis April 19, 2009
A guy in southwest louisiana whos nickname happens to be jk
JK is always getting mad because people make fun of his name.
by Jk Fayko January 12, 2008
short for joking, that ppl type in e-mails, on the web, etc.
You're real ugly
jk, jk
by Rosey July 05, 2003
Just Kristen..
RAH, That hurt SOOO bad, i'm jk.
by picklesniffer May 30, 2009
Johnny Knows
Some people think it's just kidding, but actually its Johnny Knows.
If you don't know what to do, just go ask Johnny, jk best!!
by johnhajjar08 August 28, 2009
Used In internet or text slang, short for joke. Often said jk or jok.
Your such a GEEK! j.k, j.k j.k! Can't you take a j.k?
by Joe March 28, 2005

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