"just kidding"
you are stupid, jk
by Mikaela September 20, 2003
joking, just kidding
Dan I hate you
by none of your beezwax April 17, 2003
Something you say at the end of
a sentence to avoid getting beaten up when you
call someone a useless fucktard
Hey shit-for-brains! Jk
by Mrtalldude94 June 30, 2010
i.m talk meaning "just kidding"

mostly used by people to insult others and still stay friends with them by two faced people.SOMETIMES used in a genuine way.
How it happens-
Cheerleaderbitch08:You looked like total shit last night!
You:Ahaha you r funny.

How it should happen-
Cheerleaderbitch08:You looked like total shit last night!
You:I will b jk'ing when I have my fist in ur face.
You:Ahaha jk!

by mandeebarrett January 12, 2008
3rd generation Jeep Wrangler. Preceded by the YJ and TJ. Began production in model year 2007. Likely to continue until 2016 or so.
Thanks for using your JK to pull my Hummer out of the mud!
Just Kitten (meow!)

^What exactly is a "kidding?" Nobody ever told you what a "kidding" was. You just immediately are taught to say "Just kidding with you" or "Just kidding." "Just kitten" just MAKES MORE SENSE.
JK. Just Kitten. Meow!
by PhatNotes June 17, 2010
Just kidding.

an interesting variation:
jk, jk, jk ROWLING
person1- YOUR UGLY
person2- :(
person1- JK
by bethhhh October 10, 2006

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