An abbreviation for just kidding
I hate you... Jk
by Hello.beast February 10, 2015
JK is the new unlimited Jeep model with 4 doors.....
Damn look at the JK flex...
by HeatherHovey May 14, 2008
Joke, Joking, or Just Kidding, because they all mean the same thing regardless of what Lee tells you.
Lee is a smart person. jk
by aspartamed April 04, 2013
A abreveation of "just kidding". Origanated from AOL instant messenger (AIM). Also stated as JK'ing.
person 1:I heard Canada was anexed into the U.S.
person 2:That is the most retarted thing i have ever heard
person 1:Oh, i was JK.
person 1:Oh, i was JK'ing
by MEMAW March 24, 2006
Just kidding
Aw dawg you look like shit today, jk, you're ugly as fuck..
by gerndebaby March 28, 2014
A typical fire crotch who loves to complain and bitch about everything throughout the day.

Often liking to say Just Kidding to cover up his bitchyness.
Yea that sound's boring, JK im just broke.
by BFFL United. December 12, 2009
Meaning "Jerk Kill"

When your jerking off and you are rudely interrupted.
"I caught Abner Jerking off a little while ago"

"Brandon, that's such a jk"

"Yeah I know Truman now hes mad at me"
by Higherel July 15, 2009

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