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1. A devourer of jizz (semen).

2. A demonic monster much like an incubus that rather than devouring young children devours jizz.
You jizzmonger, stop fucking sucking my jizz out.
by Daniel, Joe, Andrew August 02, 2003
A person who's gagging for sperm.
Kathy is such a jizzmonger, she just can't get enough! It's like a jizzwhale's appetite for spunkton.
by Spazmoz May 22, 2008
A person who sells ejaculate as a profession. Jizzmongers are licensed to operate under the authority of the local Jizz Lord, although some jizzmongers flaunt the regulations and sell on the black market. This is a serious crime punishable by death.
I'm going to the jizzmonger to pick up some spunk.
by Gaw910 September 09, 2016
A receptacle of semen. May also be a collector of jizz, keeping it in containers such as a 600ml Coke bottle or the somesuch.
You fucking jizzmonger! I htought it was milk!
by foj August 21, 2003
originated in 5 century taipan
someone who hoards their jizz and refuses to unload on someone unless their deemed "worthy"
joey :"that guy wouldnt fuck my sister cos shes retarded"
Dave : "jizz monger"
by squarepusher December 17, 2003
A seller of semen, generally for a sperm bank, or more commonly, a gigolo.
That jizzmonger just whored himself out to that group of mildly attractive women.
by Joe Hood September 11, 2007
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