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To be cool, badass, or down right sexy. An action resulting with salty juice to magically shoot out of your wang.
That bitch is "jizzin"

Im "jizzin", oh yeaa
by TheJerBear April 16, 2009
16 6
Amazing, awe-inspiring, delicious.

The epitome of whatever seeks to be described.
This spaghetti is jizzin'.
by kool_kid_92 June 13, 2010
6 3
(Adj.) To describe something that is awesome.
That new iPhone Bob got is jizzin.
by queer11 September 30, 2010
3 1
to ejaculate into something.
jizz in...think up you're own damn example...
by Hey It's Death May 27, 2008
2 3
(adj) -Slang, used to say something is "awesome" or "exciteful"

-when something is so amazingly awesome it's jizz worthy
Oh my god, did you hear the new Radiohead CD?" "Yeah man! It's totally jizzin'! I have listened to it nonstop for the past week and smanged my girl to it!
by smangmydomino May 03, 2011
3 5
Slang for sperming or term used by teenagers meaning sweet,cool,rad etc.
Example 1:

Brad:"I just got a new guitar!"

Mike:"That's Jizzin man!"

Brad:"Totally Jizzin!"

Example 2:

Guy 1:"Dude I just had a jizzin accident...."

Guy 2:"Not again!"
by Brad5o5 January 31, 2009
4 10