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A song parody on Saturday Night Live and a slang term for sperming in your pants.
Example 1:
"I just ate a grape and I JIZZED, IN, MY PANTS"

Example 2:
Mike:"I just jizzed in my pants......"

by Brad5o5 January 31, 2009
Sexual intercourse in which the male take his penis and puts it in the womans anal area. Also used by gay males.
Guy 1:Dude I totally wanna do that chick in the pooper.

Guy 2:Nice use of doing in the pooper!

Guy 3: Already did
by Brad5o5 January 24, 2009
a cousin I'd like to fuck.
Joe: Dude your cousin is such a CILF

Jay: I know right?

Brad: Totally tap that
by brad5o5 March 14, 2009
To be hit with lubrication from a male that is in the act of masturbation. Usually lotion, sometimes spit.

by Brad5o5 February 01, 2009
1. Smokin weed while swingin.

2. A phrase someone says to a pothead friend who wants weed but literally swinging high.
Matt: Aaron we're getting high on the swings wanna come?

Aarom: No effing way! I'll be there with the mari j.

Brad: Ya we are gonna get like ten feet up in the air dude!!!!

Jason: Then JUMP!!!!

Aaron: Awwwww
by Brad5o5 July 09, 2009
Color used by a dumbass teenager that has no idea what a color is.

Brad:"No it's dark white retard"

Eddie:"I'm pretty sure it's Chinese Purple!!!"
by Brad5o5 January 29, 2009
Doing large amounts of heroin while playing in a grunge band then committing suicide.
Bill:You hear what Bob did?

Greg: Yeah he totally pulled a kurt cobain
by Brad5o5 January 24, 2009

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