Where some one wears one pair of jeans at waist height and a second pair on top but lower so you can see the first pair.
me: 'linda that mans wearing jings'
linda: 'thats because we're in seven kings!'
by Jakee!! September 20, 2007
Top Definition
A scottish slang exclamation. Same use as words like "cripes" or "---sakes". Also used to swear by.
By jings! This is terrible!

Jings, crivvens, rot and excrement!
by C Agnew August 18, 2007
1. To masturbate (often implied as frequently so)
Man, that kid Jings too much.
by Mony December 11, 2004
1) a mandarin chinese name - for girl or boy

means: to compete

2) characteristics of a person who is extremely competitive, perfectionist, lacking in originality due to imitating and copying others that are perceived as rivals or a threat to their success

and also may suffer from low self-image/self-esteem and fear of rejection and failure

3) someone who will use all means and eliminate all things/people in order to achieve goals

someone who takes everything as a competition and losing is worse than death for such people.

4) someone who is easily offended and will hold grudges. anything/anyone that damages reputation, loosing face, being embarrassed is especially infuriating for this type.

5) someone who will lie/pretend to put itself in a better light or to fit in or look better than the crowd.
He flipped when he lost the ping pong game - what a jing!

My girlfriend would rather dump me than to lose study time - so jing eh?

Nah, don't bother with him - he's a total jing! Won't acknowledge you unless you're above his academic standing.
by Markus Gordon April 06, 2010
A common Mandarin word used to express respect. Often used by P.Dir when he is impressed. Most commonly used as a noun, verb, adjective and an interjection; however, with Jing being commonly used in many high schools in Hong Kong, its use is understandably evolving.
1) Man Jingr!
2) You've got 95% for your chinese test? Jing!
3) Lets go jing some lunch.
4) That's a jing face you got there.
5) Lets jing some Halo before the SSC shows up.
6) Why are you so jing?
7) I jing-ed a 94% for my Chem test.
by Andrew Tong-Goh-Kim October 07, 2006
Meaning everything and nothing at the same time a type of codeword for things that need no code

can be used J-ing, J-ed, j or any other suffix that makes sence
Were going to be J-ing it up this weekend
I J-ed it up with Alec yesterday
I am gonna J it up while being j-ed
by Robby, DK, James, Maximus, A-lock December 17, 2007
To puke/ cum on the floor excessively. Or so in a disgusting manner.
Dude, why'd you jing on my grandma's carpet!?
by theblues303 October 13, 2010
An interchangeable word for gay.
1- have you seen James has a boots loyalty card?
2- yeah he's such a Jing!
by Action man August 24, 2012
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