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To raise the clock speed of a graphics processing unit, central processing unit, or memory module by raising the front side bus (FSB) or the multiplier.

The end clock speed is determined by using the following equation

Multiplier * FSB = mhz

Sometimes additional voltage is required to achieve higher speeds.

Overclocking almost always requires more cooling than "stock" parts provide. And generally shortens the life of a componant.
I overclocked my Athlon by unlocking the multiplier and upping the FSB. I had to add .5v to make it stable though.
by Shayne September 29, 2003
A male breast or nipple

Usually twisted to inflict pain on a friend or other.
Dude! Your schmeeb is mine!!!

Mike's schmeeb is swollen to the size of a grapefruit!
by shayne March 09, 2005
Another word for vagina and/or pussy if you may.
That girl has a funky looking pink fin tuna that i saw last night. she was so fucking drunk.
by Shayne March 11, 2005
wen u do something cool, like score a hot chick, or get some sick air, u say schwing, and cool things r schwingage
dude, major schwingage!!
by shayne July 31, 2004
The act of giving a male oral pleasure while he is doing No.2, whether he be sitting or otherwise.
She came out of nowhere and started sucking it, i was taking a shit, but i didnt stop her
by Shayne June 06, 2004
its wen u sit around with your freinds playing video games, talking, watever, generally doing nothing
wats up dude? " we b tenderizin
by shayne July 31, 2004
the shit
this bling is for shazzle
by shayne March 20, 2004

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