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Mall security guards. >.<
Today one of those rent-a-cops made me take off my studded bracelet. I should be able to wear whatever I want in a shopping mall.
by Kagome August 14, 2004
Original animated video - Like a prologue; it's ususally made to give an origin to animes that have characteristics going unexplained in the series.
The Rurouni Kenshin OAV gives an explanation to the scar on Kenshin's cheek.
by Kagome January 02, 2005
When someone attempting to play Dance Dance Revolution stomps SO HARD that they nearly break the poor pad.
This isn't Stomp Stomp Revolution...you can step on the arrow without stomping the $@#% out of the machine, you know.
by Kagome August 14, 2004
Really really really awesome girl

2nd place winner in FFR's "Waka laka contest"

Kagome's super awesome girlfriend <3
Kagome: night night
NightSonnett: Goodnight
NightSonnett: and I love you
by Kagome October 08, 2004
An anime character known as the Bandit King. He's also really hot.
I watched the King Of Bandit Jing DVD last night and it was awesome!
by Kagome August 13, 2004
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