One of the four apostles of Black Music:
Jimi Hendrix; James Brown; Sly Stone; and George Clinton. Jimi Hendrix played for James Brown before he went out on his own.
Lyrics: I didn't mean to take up all you sweet time, I'd give it right back one of these days.

I didn't mean to take up all you sweet time, I'd give it right back one of these days.

If I don't see you no more in this world, I'll see you in the next and don't be late, don't be late.

Voodoo Chile (Slight Return) Electric Ladyland
by Kenneth Brown August 04, 2005
Its pretty simple

He's the coolest black guy ever.
jimi hendrix powns noobs
by Chown July 10, 2008
Don't listen to the people who just reference Purple Haze, All Along the Watchtower and Hey Joe as his best songs. Hendrix's true mastery of the electric guitar and his ability as a magnificent songwriter come out in songs like Machine Gun on Band of Gypsys, which is the best performance with an electric guitar ever recorded, period. Other songs are Little Wing, Wait Until Tomorrow, Bold as Love, Rainy Day Dream Away, Up From the Skies, Izabella, Freedom and Room Full of Mirrors. Songs where he shine on guitar are Power of Soul, Hear My Train a Comin, Who Knows, and Message of Love.
Jimi Hendrix was the first person to fuse blues with jazz and wrap it in a blanky of funk. He was a very articulate human being, despite all of the hype of his drugs use, with a very clear message, find your talent and come alive. He was and will always be the greatest guitar player ever and one of the most important and influential people in the history of music.
by MaggiesFarm November 11, 2006
The greatest guitarist of all time. He changed the way the world looked at music, he changed the way I look at music. He inspired me to play guitar, as he has with many other people. I know i will never be as good at guitar as Jimi was, I probably won't be half as good as he was, but at least I can aim for 1/4 of his skill. God took away from this world what he gave this world, a god among us. If god was black, Jimi Hendrixs would be his son. Jimi is still alive, in our hearts, and in our souls. He will be remembered untill the end of the world as the man who changed it, made it better.
God needed a guitarist, so he took a god.
Fly on little wing.
Jimi Hendrix is immortal.
by Cody Denton June 25, 2006
Greatest guitarist of all time. Hendrix got his first guitar when he was 11, and hhad to play it upside down since there were no left handed guitars. Grew up to be one of, if no the best musican of the 60's, and still kicks ass today. If you think Jimi Hendrix sucks, you ought to be shot.
guy1:"Man, jimi hendrix sucks. Slash is t3h 1337 4w350mn355!1!!!111"
guy2"You ought to be shot, dumbass fucktard."
by My name April 22, 2005
Jimi Hendrix.....The best out of them all.Eric Clapton,Santana,etc is no match to him.Playing the "Star Spangled Banner" with his teeth??????????that is crazzzzzzzzzzzzzy!!!I am playing the Fender american stratocaster guitar and i Idolize him.Jimi is my idol.He just acts like he was born with it in his moms(you know what).
He could probal put me to sleep with his nice music
by Herbert Suggs March 03, 2005
Jesus Christ in mortal form with a guitar.
Jesus + Guitar = Jimi Hendrix
by doomrider7 July 10, 2007
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