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THE guitarist of all guitarists! The Ultimate-phsycadelic GUITAR GOD!!!
"There's a Red House over yonder, and that's where my baby stays...." JIMI HENDRIX ROCKS!!!!!
by alianna November 29, 2003
a johnson eater
Jerry is a Big Hullaballoo!
Jerry Unruh:-)
by alianna November 17, 2003
an alternative word for "stop hating" that phrase got old, so why not invent a new one!
Why so much hateness???
by alianna November 12, 2003
a nickname given by boom boom kitty fuck fuck, meaning "she-sperm" the rest just fit ya know?
HEY! shizzle jizzle fuckizzle to da hizzle, whatz crackle lack'n??? :)
by alianna November 12, 2003
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