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4 definitions by EmJane

one of the best damn metal bands out there
RIP dimebag darrell 1966-2004
by EmJane April 16, 2005
the best fuckin rock band out there, pete townsend is known as the father of the power cord
listen to wont get fooled again, and you shall know what i mean
by EmJane April 16, 2005
a pure mastermind, guitar genus, if you dont know who he is, you must have been living in a cave for a very long time my friend
excuse me while i kiss the sky
by EmJane April 17, 2005
a no-longer-existent object of taunting for the Red Sox haters in this world.... GO SOX!!
the curse of the bambino is non-existant
by EmJane April 17, 2005