A word invented by rapper Will Smith, to mean, "to get down to." This is mainly reffered when you dance to music.
"Gettin' Jiggy With it."
by DJ Benny May 03, 2004
no will smith did not create the word. he didnt ok.
it means to be down with. to agree.
will smith killed the word with that dumbass song
by Dong Woo February 04, 2005
we don't know who this kid is but we met him once. Kinda odd if you ask me. But we are totally down with oddness.
Gettin jiggy with it. na na na na .. naa
by sarjen January 22, 2005
like on a bow tie on the orderl
he was lookin jiggy fine
by DJB July 15, 2004
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