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A jigger is a unit of measurment when dealing with alcohol. One jigger is 1 1/2 oz, the ammount of alcohol in most highballs as well as the size of a shot.
Bartender 1 picks up jigger to measure
Bartender 2: Amature, pros dont need jiggers.
by Fase March 14, 2005
Takes the place of any word one cannot think of at the current point in time
Hey Bill, you wanna hand me that there jigger? (screwdriver)
by Zherqua7r Babaganoosh August 22, 2007
Slang term for a modern day theodolite, total station as used by land surveyors. It stands mounted on top of a tripod.
The Surveyor's Assistant stands behind the jigger.
by Havencheese January 18, 2009
A kid's go cart made from a scaffold plank, some bits of wood (axles), a piece of rope (steering) and a set of pram wheels (preferably 'Silver Cross'). The term was certainly used in the Tottenham area of N.London during the late 60s.
'Look at those old pram wheels. They'd be great for a jigger'.
by Terry Richards February 12, 2007
To upset, disturb or disarrange in some way.
Well, jigger me giblets n stab me vitals... I never knew that!
by FurrTrap December 18, 2010
A door, hatch, or other form of opening from one room to another or to a loft or cellar.
This jigger is locked. Who's got the key?
by Kev in Hants August 29, 2006
a southeast texas maybe broader slang for Ecstasy pills. Street MDMA
Hey man them jiggers are blue rhinos and I rolled hard.
by dmoney fresh April 19, 2011
Someone who covers for you or acts as a lookout while a crime or other forbidden act (e.g., adultery) takes place.
David: I hope Carlos doesn't find out what I'm about to do.

Emily: Need a jigger, sweetheart?
by PeachChaser January 12, 2007