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v. jig (j'I'g)
v. tr.

To injure someone by penetrating the gut or stomach multiple times with a rusty utensil and making a hasty escape.
"I'm going to jig that sucker." or "I'ma jig ya' sucka!"
by Christopher Valacer November 14, 2005
14 31
One who is hunted by a Jig Hunter. If there is ever a victor and loser, hunter and prey there is a jig hunter and a jig. The victim is the jig.
I am playing a game and my opponent is winning. He is the jig hunter and I am the Jig. I somehow manage to turn the tables, and the jig hunter becomes to jig hunted. I am now the Jig Hunter and he is the Jig.
by JuT October 20, 2003
4 21
Originally short for "Johnny is Gay." Now, it's widely used as an adjective describing anyone or anything gay.
Stop grabbing me! That's so JiG!
by jigthis February 03, 2005
51 69
a ghetto flamin black person!(no offense to anyone im not racist)
thats jig needs to get up off my land
by steviebabe2434 February 15, 2003
27 45
A police officer or unit (a pig sitting in his car).
Yo, watch out, there's a jig following us.
by BluntSmey February 12, 2004
3 22
Southern Ohio for hoe, flussie, or bopper, breezer, wet mouth..
She get's DOWN! I sware on er' thang she a JIG

Look at lame dude talkin to dem jigs

Why Dayton flussies gotta be jigs?
Bop it like its hot ...jig!
by KEENAN September 30, 2003
7 26
somebody who is a real twat.
Look! It's Jig, he's such a twat!
by gilo December 02, 2004
4 24