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the & symbol. simple as that.
I like macaroni & cheese.
by Jade November 03, 2004
An ampersand is the symbol &, which was designed by German typesetter Manfred Johann Amper in 1634 as an abbreviation for the German word "und", which means "and" in English; hence the symbol was first known as "Amper's 'and' ", which was eventually syncopated into "ampersand", the term by which we know it today.
On a standard US keyboard the ampersand is on the same key as the numeral 7.

Her malformed pretzels looked like ampersands.

In formal symbolic logic the truth-functional connective AND is often represented by an ampersand.
#and #conjunction #ampere #hamper #damper #plus #&c. #etc. #phooey
by &y &erson October 25, 2010
A gender specific problem that happens to male's where in which shit comes out their dick once a month.
"Ugg, I'm on my ampersand today, the dick cramps are unbelievable"
#period #ampersand #male #monthly #tottally a real thing
by BananaBushJones July 04, 2013
yes its the & symbol on everyone's key board but its so much more...its just full of people who just like doing what they do...techies rock, actors, ushers, everything...we don't hate people at school...we are just naturally drawn to the people down at mcvey...don't dis us if you have never tried it for a trimester...if you aren't an ampersand memeber how could you know what we think?hmm...
st.c girl: "those ampersand people are werid.."
techie: "have you ever tried working down at the theather?"
st.c girl:" no i'm too cool with all my money.."
techie:" then don't tell us we are werid cause we actually do something productive with our time.."
by one of the ellet cult members January 27, 2005
An emo way of saying and.
Person #1: & today I got wristbands & earrings & wifebeaters & glasses
Person #2: go away emo.
by &m0 May 26, 2005
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