a drug dealer who rapes you during the transaction.
let's get away from him, i hear he's a JIFFY.
Someone who is usually madddd serious but for once looks happy as hell
Yo steven be looking madddd jiffy when we chill or talk on the phone
by Valerie aka Loka December 28, 2005
an interjection usually preceding a greeting or farewell. Invented by a small boy in Minnesota.
"Jiffy what up"
"Jiffy hey hey"
"Jiffy see you later"
by Philip J April 24, 2004
Hes da seXXiest man frOm Qnz n he lUvs dis gRl named Kari...tHey bOth maKe da cUtest PareJa...
Jiffy is aLl minez! BesiTos bayBii
by Kari February 09, 2005

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