A short unspecified quantity of time.
"Before I entered her with my unkept fleshy geoffrey, I assured her I would be done in a jiffy"
by TheRealSampy May 29, 2016
A verb. Used to denote someone who is very loose with their sexuality and spreads their legs easier than the creamy version of the peanut butter which shares the same name

May proceed words like Super, Mega, and Ultra to emphasize
severity of Slutitude
Holy damn...Stevin and Lauren are being wicked jiffy tonight to get over those British twins they lost to finals....
by Stevren December 21, 2011
it's a giraffe. boom.
Oh! Look at that jiffy.
by Lowri Gregg Laura April 14, 2011
A very quick handjob.
Hey Rachel, I got lacrosse practice in 15 minutes. Can I get a jiffy before I head out?
by Snail man March 25, 2011
"Act" as in being surprised but not actually caring at all
"Hey billy, I just got a new phone!"
"Jiffy" (fuck off)
by Lubemister69 January 10, 2014
A term used to decribe a girl who is a whore!!! "jiffy" her legs spread way to easy!!! shes do anyone!!! like the peanut butter!!
tiff is such a jiffy at the local bar!!! everyones had a turn!!
by ursturely June 28, 2011
Under-used term for any form of retardation, including human/mammal/other (covering confusion as to what exactly the subject in question is).

see also: Jiff, Retard, Special-needs, Special Ed, The Ringer.
1. You Scratched my CD
2. Do you want FRRRRIIIIIIES with that?
3. sawarrr (pronounce with a chinese twang) what are you doing sawarrrrr....JIFFY
by The_actual_REAL_Jeffy April 28, 2011
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