Often abbreviated to jiff...same definition
e.g. Simon had a quick jiff on the dancefloor while his mate was at the bar
by Lord McMenace of Pantinghame February 24, 2003
Top Definition
To fidgit or move around.
sam jiffled on his chair
by kate Atkins December 10, 2003
Breakfast for the lazy and/or time-crunched; consists of an Eggo waffle smeared with Jif peanut butter, eaten quickly over the sink and washed down with milk directly from the carton. Pathetic, yet satisfying.
"Dude, did you get to eat breakfast this morning? You look tired."

"Yeah, man, I slammed a Jiffle before I got here."
by Ultradave November 11, 2007
An Illicit Snog
Andy Jiffled her outside the club whilst his friends looked for him inside.

A jiffle is kissing someone so no-one can see you, or in a "Sly" Manner.

You cannot jiffle someone you are going out with
by Simon February 24, 2003
When a young woman places a jar of JIF peanut butter on top of her head you may place one erect weiner directly into the creamy compound, and then place your freshly covered peanut butter cock between two slices of wheat bread and make her eat it as she would a thanksgiving dinner.
My girlfriend gave me jiffle last night, to be honest it ain't bad.

Girl lemme sauce them grain and give me a jiffle.
by Dr.. D January 23, 2016
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