To take something from someone.
"Where did you get that can of pop?"
"I jiffed it from Zack's place."
by hailthemotherland March 07, 2015
to describe something that is getting on your nerves / becoming an annoyance
that yaya toure song is getting on my jiff.

the guy who keeps sniffing in lecture is getting on my jiff.
by northernmokey October 28, 2013
A student from the main campus of a University, commonly someone who pays more money for a higher standard of accommodation and shoves it down your throat with snobbery.

Can also be applied to a student who looks down their nose or makes a degrading comment about a Polytechnic University in their city.
"Paul, have you heard what the Jiff's have been saying about our accommodation?"
"Can't believe that bloke just called UWE a shithole, fucking Jiff."
"That main campus Jiff is in our territory now, let's batter him."
by unigoers March 31, 2013
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