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to be done quickly
I will be back in a jiff.
by Deanne August 21, 2003
60 37
Cocaine, coke
Yo lets get some jiff
Yo i am madd jiffed up
I did so much jiff last night
by Yoshi EN!!!! February 24, 2009
47 34
to describe something that is getting on your nerves / becoming an annoyance
that yaya toure song is getting on my jiff.

the guy who keeps sniffing in lecture is getting on my jiff.
by northernmokey October 28, 2013
1 1
To dance, To boogie, to get down
We were really jiffin' it last night.
by bearinsocks July 04, 2013
0 0
A student from the main campus of a University, commonly someone who pays more money for a higher standard of accommodation and shoves it down your throat with snobbery.

Can also be applied to a student who looks down their nose or makes a degrading comment about a Polytechnic University in their city.
"Paul, have you heard what the Jiff's have been saying about our accommodation?"
"Can't believe that bloke just called UWE a shithole, fucking Jiff."
"That main campus Jiff is in our territory now, let's batter him."
by unigoers March 31, 2013
1 5
A slang word for Cocaine
I was u all night sniffing jiff with my buddies.
by Ramon Dukes July 10, 2008
11 16
a woman's pee hole
That woman pees out of her jif
by Joker BAnks September 16, 2003
14 23