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A Female whom wears to much makeup, ends her sentences in 'ay' more often than not and generally puts out. (Can often be seen working in bakeries)
That bakery girls pretty hot but she looks like a bit of a bunslut.
by Jezz November 08, 2004
Great big sharp pointy antlers that cut you to pieces, especially when very sharp!
Martin the Moose cut open his rivals' nose using his "weapons of moose destruction", in a battle for territory and a good shag with Maggie the moose!
by jezz February 17, 2004
The sound a young teenager makes to avoid using the words "oh fucking hell" im front of adults in positions of authority.
Norbert is praticing the drums in front of a teacher in a music class and makes an awful mistake "Arf!" shouts Norbert luckily avoiding detention.
by Jezz February 16, 2004
dirty cunt
You jiffle!
by Jezz July 18, 2003
A small bloke of around 1 inch tall who wears huge white MailPants and a huge brown MailBag. He runs around a gay messenger servive and is gay
1. Oh my God, it's MailMan!
by Jezz February 13, 2004
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