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a small bit(nibblet) taken by a jewish person
"yo Dork just took a jibblet outta that mahtzah ball"
"I'm just jibbling away at you"
by james curley May 07, 2005
Vagina, penis, testicles, genitals, reproductive organs, breasts, buttocks, private parts. (which is a fitting name for these parts, as they tend to jibble.) Can be used to describe one particular private part.
I was bored at church, and sermon hadn't even started yet, but the brunette sitting next to me had exquisite jibblets. Needless to say, it wasn't completely pointless that I went in the first place.
by Jollands October 01, 2010
bits of excess shit festering in a mans (or womans) anal beard that has started to grow mould
i fucked this girls brains out last night, den i saw she had a jibblet that had been smeared over my cock
by brentmeister general October 20, 2003
minge lips, edinburgh fringe
"tight jibblets" or "those jibblets are inside" or "would you mind if i pulled an earnie in your pit"
by Toon November 05, 2003