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To go beyond hard or hardcore. Something completely awesome or something extremely stiff.
That concert last night was hella rigor!

Have you heard that new song? It's so rigor!

Remember when we were playing basketball and you shot that 3 point shot backwards and made it all net? That was rigor!


I saw that fine girl today and I got rigor.

putting that new stuff in your hair made your spikes so rigor.
by TOoN September 27, 2014
A person who is extremely fond of/will only eat guacamole.
" Did you hear? Allisa is a guacaholic. "
" I'm such a guacaholic. I have it with like, everything.
by toon July 20, 2014
dressing your lil'johnson in a mini tuxedo and putting on a play for your gay neighbour, who just happens to be from the Netherlands
i may lean a bit von dutch, for my friendly neighbour patrick
by Toon November 05, 2003
minge lips, edinburgh fringe
"tight jibblets" or "those jibblets are inside" or "would you mind if i pulled an earnie in your pit"
by Toon November 05, 2003

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