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Normally a term in secondary schools in England seeing as most of the other definitions are nothing like what it means in school. It is the act of skipping lessons by hiding out somewhere usually in the school grounds. Most Jibbers usually are in groups of two to five. Jibbers are by no means bad kids, a lot of people jib the lessons they hate. Also if someone is off school for whatever reason then it is almost a necessity to say 'jibbing' when that person's name is called in the register, just to annoy the teacher.
Student 1: C'mon, it's French now.

Student 2: Nah. We're gonna jib French
by Craig April 29, 2005
Jibbing, aptly described above, is also known by it's old medieval term, "Wolfbagging".
"Damn it Maureen, any more back-chat and I'll give you a damn good jibbing!"
by Esteban Lorenzo July 29, 2003
i am not comeing out because i am jibbing
by know it all October 07, 2003