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To do something stupid or an insult to your friends without them knowing
James: "That guy just Jib Jib'd really hard"

Stephanie: "OMG you are such a Jib Jib!!"
by JamesLloyd21 October 21, 2014
Non-sensible language or words. non-sense.

Jessica is drunk and speaking jib jib again.

Examples: "Jabba" " Chewgetyshoog" "lib lib"
by J Rudolph April 12, 2006
From the combination of jib as meaning one's personality and of maneuvering a bicycle.

A Jib Jib is a person whose personality is the product of others' personalities around them. These people often have no real ideas or opinions and are incredibly dull.

This is a more severe version of swag stealing.
"I was at the bar tonight and this jib jib started hitting on my girlfriend. He kept talking about electronic music and working out."

"What'd you do?"

"Nothing. When he saw me he started shaking and pissed himself."
by Jammy Boy October 23, 2011
The last few burns on a joint before you're smoking the roach card.
Who wants jibjibs on this joint?
by Greb April 08, 2005
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