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A sock you use to masterbate with
Yo I need to wash my jewsock, there is like 4 loads of my masterbatory cum in there.
by Kwhit10 October 07, 2005
a sock used to keep all your spare change because your wallet cant support coins

it is safe to assume that this person is jewish
2 guys buying a drink

guy1: hey man do you have 2 bucks on you?

guy2: sure do bro (guy2 pulls out his jew sock)

guy1: dude what the fuck is that?!

guy2: it is my jew sock
by And1Axel April 06, 2010
To beat someone with a sock full of quarters, gelt, or Sacajewea dollars; not nickels or pennies, we're better than that.
Yo! If that kid doesn't stop hating on Moses, I'm gonna JewSock him!
by SmallFox April 08, 2006