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The most powerful engine there is. It is extremely underated, and can produce massive amounts of power.
people think the Earth spins because of gravitational forces....completely wrong......there is an LS1 in the core of the planet that is causing the spin....a few have been put in space to move the planets around the sun too
by Kwhit10 September 16, 2003
This is when a group of people begin drinking their alcoholic beverage of choice, and the 2nd person in line doesn't stop drinking until the first person stops and the 3rd doesn't stop until the 2nd stops etc.
*such as when playing Kings* Oh shit you pulled an ace, time for a waterfall.
by KWhit10 September 27, 2005
A sock you use to masterbate with
Yo I need to wash my jewsock, there is like 4 loads of my masterbatory cum in there.
by Kwhit10 October 07, 2005
Someone who chills between someones ass cheeks.

Basically having a lot of anal sex with someone, just chilling in their ass.
Man Colin loves having sex with other dudes, he's such a cheekchilla.
by Kwhit10 November 09, 2005

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