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A barbeque in which Jewish people gather to eat Kosher food. Foods include Hebrew National hot dogs and 100% kosher beef hamburgers. Money is thrown around as well.
Hey you guys going to the jewbeque? All the shiksas will be there.

After shule lets hit the jewbeque.

Mortaki missed the jewbeque. What a schlimazel!!!
by mdj9908 September 02, 2010
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A Barbeque comprised mainly of jewish people
Dude you going to the jewbeque?

Fo sho, I love Hebrew Nationals and cheeseless burgers!
by Jordan M Klein May 25, 2007
jewbeque is a part of or whole of a jew roasted on a barbeque
oy pass us that jew scrotum to throw on the jewbeque
by fsmrox January 21, 2009

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