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A woman who is probably set for life financially, not because of her music career, but through capitilizing on her disgustingly anencephalic stupidity. She makes Dubya look like Enstein.
Dick: "Think I'll go kill some brain cells".

Harry: "You gonna sniff some glue with me?"

Dick: "Naw, man. I'm gonna go watch "Newlyweds" on EmpTy V.
by Aw Yeah August 02, 2004
2116 505
a girl who is so fucking hot it doesn't even matter that she's dumb.
"she cant spell dude!"
"who gives a shit shes like jessica simpson id lube up and make love to the arches of her feet if i could"
by T Cash January 17, 2006
74 86
a girl who can actually sing ,actually has a voice and doesn't lip sing so people should stop being a bitch to her ..i mean if we're gonna talk slutty and dumb here ..lets aim out pistols at the pussy cat dolls aka whores. Jessica isn't a slut also because she and her sister both said no to playboy =]
Wow..first time in celebrity history. Jessica Simpson is the only girl who said no to playboy!!
by Kelly_hotness April 02, 2007
10 24
A fun loving southern girl who is gorgeous and loves to laugh. Jessica Simpsons are loved by many, except for the ones who are jealous of them. May not be the smartest ones on the planet, but they don't care what other people think of them, because inside, they know who they are and what kind of person they are.
She is SUCH a jessica simpson.
by phoebeeee January 26, 2007
12 26
The greatest singer on the planet, and hot as he*l!
Hey Jess, let's have Buffalo Chicken Pizza sometime!
by Piranha April 01, 2005
168 182
chicken or tuna.....?
i know it taste like chicken but its tuna....durr
by simpleplanfan May 03, 2004
23 37
God's gift to man. She is so fuckin' sexy. She has gorgeous tits and a perfect ass. I wouldn't mind banging her.
Jessica Simpson is a sexy beast.
by Elliott Johnson March 11, 2006
40 55
A person who snorts cocaine in the bathrooms of nightclubs with Lindsey Lohan.
Look at that Jessica Simpson snorting coke over there!
by Matt Clark February 25, 2005
52 67