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loved one, sweet one, used sometimes like "my love"

also, my name's pia too. =)
I'm Pia

The hero of the movie keeps singing cheesy ballads to his Pia, (piya?) presumably the heroine
by Pia March 28, 2004
A slang term for oxycontin, a controlled painkiller that is often abused for its opiate effects.
Let's order a movie on demand, do some oscars, and chill out.
by pia April 12, 2006
the loved one

(fyi to u ppl pia is my real name!)
i am pia
by pia March 05, 2004
mixture of hydrocodone (pain killer) and nodoz (oveer-the-counter caffeine pills)
effects are similar to those of strong pain killers as well as a bust of energy
"my buddies and I cut a couple lines of nodone before we went out"
by pia October 06, 2004
DMFI: Don't Mother Fucking Interrupt

Similar to LOL, or BRB or any other shorthand/acronym used on the internet; this may be used in conversation or online to give emphasis to the point that you would like someone to stop interrupting you.
Omar: I was on the dfloor as I do and..
Girl: OMG I LOVE THE DFLOOR! dancing is amazing I Once was...
Omar: DMFI Bitch. I'm Talking!...
by PIA February 17, 2012
Jessica Simpson is a pop star singer
a hot girl
but one really stupid dumb blond!
proof that she is dumber than u!
Jessica SSimpson is the #1 dumb blond ever! literally!
by pia March 05, 2004
Verb: To burp, fart, piss, shit, throw up, and have a baby all at the same time.
I'm so bloated I feel like I could bjork.
by pia April 12, 2006

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